Bill Whalley, Drummer

PUYE Diary 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011

Fri, April 27th Inner Temple, London Young Lawyers
Sat, May 12th Broughton Village Hall Grasscutters' Ball
Sun, May 27th The Barns Gregstock
Sat, June 16th Hertfordshire Stillwell's Gig
Sat, July 7th Broughton Village Hall Emily & Scott's Wedding
Sat, July 14th The JB, Chiswick 18th and 21st Party
Sat, July 21st Henley Suzi Raymond's Wedding
Sat, September 1st Kew Kew Fayre  
Sat, Sept 22nd West Tytherley Yvonne's 50th Birthday  
Sat, December 8th Chiswick JB PUYE Christmas Party
Fri, February 22nd SE-One, London Bridge A Night for Kenya
Sat, April 19th Tufnell Park Clive's Gig
Sat, May 17th Broughton Village Hall Grasscutters' Ball
Sat, June 7th  Longford Castle Leaden Hall
Sat, July 5th Broughton Emma Copestake's 21st
Sat, August 16th Beaulieu Dominic Palmer's Wedding
Sat, August 30th Farley Chamberlayne Jamie C's Wedding
Sat, November 8th Salisbury City Hall Grammar School Charity
Sat, December 6th JB Diner, Chiswick Christmas Party
Sat, May 23rd Broughton Harriet and Rufus wedding  
Sat, June 6th Whitchurch Bob & Neil Ruby Wedding  
Sat, July 11th Stoke Charity Clare & Tom's Wedding
Fri, September 11th Bush Hall SHINE ON -20 yrs Anniv
Sat, October 3rd Bush Hall Ryan's Wedding  
Sat, December 5th The Gunnersbury (JB!) Mayor of Hounslow's Charity  
Sat, January 30th Whitchurch Charlie & Fiona's wedding  
Sat, May 22nd Broughton Village Hall Grasscutters' Ball  
Sat, August 21st Sandford Springs G C Charity Hop  
Sat, December 4th The Gunnersbury (JB!) Party Party  
Sat, December 18th Southampton Andy's Wedding  
Sat, August 20th Broughton Neil's 60th  
Sat, September 3rd Cirencester Matt's Wedding  
Sat, December 3rd JB, Chiswick End of an Error Party