Stewart Smart, our late great drummer

PUYE   2000 to 2006

01/04/00 NSPCC  Ball Fulham Town Hall Brilliantly organised by Ben.  Special thanks to Bill and Anthony.
13/05/00 Grasscutter's Ball, Broughton Village Hall, Hampshire Thanks to Chris Lloyd and the Broughton Taureans. In aid of  Coke-Hole Trust.
03/06/00 Birthdays etc Sparsholt  Playing on a farm wagon. What fun!  Thank you Cambell Robertson.  Thanks Chris Wade for the intro.
16/06/00 Live at the World Famous John Bull Tavern 590, Chiswick High Road Thanks to the fan club - especially the coach party from Frithesden!
19/06/00 The May Ball Jesus College, Cambridge It was brill.  Wish we could have played all night. Thanks to entertainments supremo Molly 
12/08/00 Recording of the 'Ear This' CD Old Barn Studios, Shenley Return to Stewart Smart's famous  Hertfordshire barn. Engineering by Paul Bond
09/09/00 Shevky's knees-up Broughton A great party on perhaps the last hot evening of the year .. and apologies to the man in the dressing gown.
23/09/00 40th birthday party Sutton A great evening - and thanks for sending back the missing tambourine!
11/10/00 LaunchFest Institute of Edukayshun A full front assault on Acadame.  Glowing testimonial from Chris has been passed to the sales division. 
28/10/00 Claire & Anita's party 8 -piece band in Broughton Village Hall A great result on home turf.  Thanks to pro percussionist Paul Midgeley and Peter Volk for superb lighting.
08/12/00 The World Famous John Bull Tavern 590, Chiswick High Road A great performance although not a complete sell-out this time.  Great to see lots of old and new friends.
15/12/00 Young George and his mates St Mary Bourne They pulled it off.  Proving that this band is nothing if not versatile.
17/02/01 For those nice people at Compaq A smart location near Basingstoke Of course you can jive in a marquee in February! Brilliant organisation by Cambell and Chris 
24/02/01 Friends of Barnardo's Cliddesden Village Hall What an audience! They danced their socks off!
12/05/01 Grasscutter's Ball, Broughton Village Hall, Hampshire Plus Support Band Built for Comfort.  Organised by the Broughton Taureans in aid of SOS Children's Villages.  Thanks to you all it was a brilliant evening.
07/07/01 Pub gig - hopefully in the garden! The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge Didn't it rain! Thanks to the sparkie for double-insulating the band. Thanks to Gordon and Liz for the beer and food.
21/07/01 Doug's 50th Trinity Hall, Cambridge Another Cambridge College bash for the lads. Thanks Doug for a great evening.
04/08/01 Beth's wedding Test Valley An enjoyable do. Nice work from Renato Baiello subbing on sax.
25/08/01 Neil's 50th Broughton Water Meadow The locals outlasted the townies in the dancing stakes. Lovely Venue.
09/11/01 NFU bash Guildhall, Winchester Thanks to the jolly farmers meeting for the first time since F and M
08/12/01 Band Annual Luncheon Sur le bateau By Invitation Only
Jan 19th 02 Bridges Wharf, London 60th Birthday party "You were all we could have wished for and more". Band on top form at this ace venue.
May 18th 02 Old Basing NSPCC hop The usual mega-enthusiastic local audience. Thank you.
May 25th 02 Somerset
Sean and Zoe's wedding A great day out. Included an excellent Rolling Stones set by by guest artist Dale
Jun 15th 02 Broughton Taureans Grasscutters' Ball A sell-out. Raised over 800 for Broughton Primary School. Great support from up-and coming band 'Skinny Dog'
Jul 6th 02 Ropley Geoff and Nikki's Wedding A very happy day in the country. Lovely weather, lovely people. But could we find The Trooper Inn?
Aug 3rd 02 A farm in Essex Wedding A beautiful marquee wedding in a very English setting. Met up with Noo our original saxophonist again. Overcame problems with electrical supply and a muddy exit.
Mar 8th 03 The World Famous John Bull Karen's Birthday Party Back in Business. New repertoire, same line-up. Thank you K for a great party.
Jun 7th 03 Broughton Village Hall The Grasscutters' Ball  More than a sell-out sell-out. Raised over 1100 for St Mary's Church Appeal and Save The Children. Thank you boys for your generosity.
Jun 21st 03 Kings's Hall,  Hernia Bay The Angling Club  Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Thank you, Ed.
Sep 6th 03 Chez Tabor, Broughton Kate and James' 21st  Under the big marquee.  Jamie subbing for Christopher on guitar.
Oct 25th 03 Herefordshire Nicola Block's Wedding  Wow! What a bash! What an audience! What a band! Thank you.
Dec 6th 03  The John Bull PUYE Christmas Party  Using our own sound system forthe last time? Raised 450 for The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall. My Sharona launched.
May 15th 04  Army Flying Museum  Chris H's 60th and Debbie's ??  Rik on piano, Pete xx on sax.  Brian Garwood on sound - quite a challenge in aircraft hangar.  Guest number by a short man in Russian Colonel's army uniform.
Jun 5th 04  Chateau near Amou, SW France  Wedding of Rudloph and Helen  Young Frenchman weds English girl in a fairytale setting.  Good planning pays off on our first overseas gig since Malawi in 1996.
Jun 12th  04  Army Flying Museum  Charity Hop for Hope Foundation  Brilliantly organised (well done Sue and Sevki and co) black tie dinner dance to raise money for local children with cancer initiative.  Vic on sound desk.
Oct 1st 04  Old Deer Park ,  Richmond  Mark and Sue's wedding  Rock around the Rugby club.  Flip Flop Fly debut.
Dec 4th 04  The John Bull  Bill's birthday bash  and our Christmas Extravaganza at the JB Bar and Diner.  Funky Music gets a first airing.
Jan 29th 05  The John Bull  Rosemary's 70th birthday  Now we've done 21st, 40th, 50th,60th and 70th birthday parties.  What a delightful person she is.
Apr 23rd 05  Broughton Village Hall  Grasscutter's Ball  Taurean's choose St George's Day for the annual knees-up. Raised 840 for Naomi House.
Jun 25th 05  Chateau south of Lyons, France  Gregori's wedding The band bus hits the Route Nationale once again. A charming family wedding but in the evening serious cultural competition from the eight-course gastronomic dinner in the stables next door.  Un peu de Beatles KissThe Bride and Grande Boules de Feu before the cheese course. Next time we hire a Lear jet.
Sep 3rd 05 A farm near in the Brendon Hills  Alex and Fran's wedding  Wonderful marquee do in beautiful countryside setting.  Alex was part-time singer in The Shoos - on one occasion our support band. A good performance and an enjoyable excursion to distant Somerset. Last outing for Kiss the Bride.
Sep 23rd 05  Tewinbury, Hertfordshire  Anna and Chris' wedding  An enjoyable evening in a lovely converted barn.  See the photos taken by Andy Carmichael elsewhere on this website.
Oct 1st 05   Old Deer Park,  Richmond  Rik's 50th birthday bash  PUYE, with two supporting bands including one with Karen on le batterie frapping everything in sight.  Happy birthday to the main man.
Dec 05 John Bull PUYE Christmas Party Excellent support from "Slipper". Rik playing his solid gold harmonica prezzie from the band. Air guitars provide by Ed. "Stonking".
20/05/06 Enmill Farm, Pitt Bernadette's Surprise Birthday Party Thank you, Les. A brilliant knees-up in a superbly decorated barn near Winchester. After the an unforeseen absence Rik was appearing courtesy of the NHS. Welcome back.
17/06/06   Old Deer Park Richmond Cricket Club Dinner Dance We coped with the sound limiter and the our Segovia session was appreciated.
22/06/06    The Clink, London Bridge Dinner dance for the budding lawyers Thank you, My Learned (and very youthful) Friends. YOU ROCKED said Lolly and Bo. Very interesting venue although a bit hard to get in and out of. Thanks to Bill and Brian for the recce.
23/09/06 Kew Bridge Boat Warming At last the boat is back at its mooring looking very palatial. Partying into the small hours.
02/12/06   John Bull Christmas Party If you weren't there then dig the excellent Live Recording by Raw Audio. A great party atmosphere and an invitation to play in Kazakstan.