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Mike Hodgson  trumpet

Mike's first instrument was the piano. Before long he was dumped by teacher Peter Sargent (son of famed conductor Malcolm) who cited "lack of discipline". Ten years later he was playing trumpet and cornet in jazz and brass bands, charming many a miserable audience across Berkshire's thriving village fête scene. Four years of silence followed before he moved to West London and neighbour Rik persuaded him to dust off his horn and join Prick Up Your Ears.

After his first summer season with PUYE, Mike guested for Norway's 'primitive noise folk' outfit Biologisk Helt Feil ('Biologically Wrong'), prompting an irate Oslo landlord to hurl abuse and threaten to call the police.

He is the salmon of his family, now living afloat on a stretch of the Thames where his ancestors were eel fishermen for over 200 years. He works locally for a media access company.

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