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Rik Carmichael  vocals, harmonica

Rik's first venture in the pop business was a discotheque - it was to have been a mobile discotheque but he failed his driving test. As a teenager in the sixties his passion for and knowledge of pop music was legendary and gets a mention in Stephen Fry's autobiography.
Rik started as the keyboard player for Prick Up Your Ears. But failing to master the black notes, he donned green leopard-skin trousers and became the star frontman. As well as being an accomplished singer his blues-harp playing goes from strength to strength.
After working in the theatre Rik started writing for a living in 1985. He scripted the acclaimed play Cause of Death for the BBC, Life Force for Children's ITV and co-scripted the recent award-winning film There's Only One Jimmy Grimble.

He lives on a Thames house-boat.

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