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Mike Carmichael   guitar

Mike played rhythm guitar with the well-known but seldom heard London N20 band The Boneshakers during his early teens. After five years of not getting gigs Mike sold his Hofner semi-acoustic guitar and the group disbanded. (This was a painful moment for the loyal fans - one went to live in Spain and the other eventually married the bass guitarist.)

After a twenty year gap the flame was re-kindled when Mike, now living in Hampshire, bought a cheap Gibson copy and a small amp. He teamed up with Chris Wilson and starting playing with the short-lived local band Sick as a Parrot. Supergroup Prick Up Your Ears was formed soon after Sick as a Parrot bumped into The Boneshakers at a 40th birthday party.

Mike trained as a mechanical engineer but now works at website construction and guitar tuition. When not practising his Dorian and Phrygian he is often to be found ironing sheets in Foords Barn.

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