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Edward Taylor   bass guitar

The story of how Edward Taylor rose from down-at-heel mill-worker to be voted the UKís Number One bass player is totally unbelievable.
Ed was only a child when he was born into a humble Totteridge mansion. Young, gifted and black (really?) he dreams of stardom. In 1964 he was in the front line at the fist gig of the youthful Boneshakers. As the first few notes of his booming bass filled the village hall the audience was up on its foot.

After many minutes of diligent study he developed that unique style which can only be described as unique. His ability to move thoughtlessly between keys and time signatures was often remarked upon by other members of the band.

But Ed has never been one to rest on his laurel. So after a short break of 25 years, with Boneshakers drummer (the late great Stewart Smart) he put together Prick Up Your Ears. Since when the phone has never started ringing.

Every now and then there emerges someone who is truly in control of their chosen instrument. In the hands of the master it comes alive and gives pleasure to countless minnows. Edís chosen instrument is the fishing rod.

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