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Clive York   saxophone

In 1997 Rik met Clive at a gig in Somerset and persuaded him to bring his sizzling sax sound to Prick Up Your Ears. Clive teaches music and saxphone, and drives the most immaculate VW Beetle in southern England. Although he looks like a rock-star, his first love is jazz. From Hampshire to Havana audiences have thrilled to the warmth and versatility of his unconfined style.
Clive York studied music in Bristol and played with many local musicians before moving to London in the late 80's. He earned a living as a session musician and appeared with many live and recorded rock and pop groups of the time. During the early 90's London funk scene he was the kingpin of several horn sections, and he is now an established figure on the London free jazz circuit.

His latest CD 'Hyperbole Trio' is obtainable on Slam 226.

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